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horizon worlds says coming soon

Level 2

I’ve been trying to download horizon worlds but it keeps saying coming soon, and i don’t know how to fix that.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, itz.kayla07! We noticed you had a concern in regards to Horizon Worlds stating it's still 'Coming Soon.' This can be a tad confusing, so we'd love to address this!


If you are within either the U.S. or UK, 18+, and have a Quest 2, it is still in the process of being rolled out. There is no confirmation on any time frames of when it will be available for everyone. 


The best suggestion we could give is to sit back, relax and enjoy some VR time while we work on getting it nice and settled for everybody. 

Hi Guys I am U.K based and had my Oculus 2 since Christmas and it still says coming soon. A couple of friends purchased theirs 2 weeks again and they can play it.


Oculus I.D SpiritCatcher

no VPN 

over 18

The UK based. Been trying for ages to report it on metabolic, but each time I try to log in and report the issue it doesn't let me use my password. When I click forgot password it tells me to go back to the original tab and won't let me log in to report this issue.

Any help with this, please.