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i need my son head set unlocked

Level 2

Don't remember the unlock pattern


Level 15

Contact Oculus Support.  You probably will need to do a factory reset imho.  Like everything, do not use security measures you are not prepared to document, lol!

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Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey Braydon, we understand how difficult it is to remember ALL our passwords and patterns in this age of profile security. We have some steps for you to try to remove the unlock pattern using the Oculus mobile app:


1. Open the Oculus app and tap Devices

2. Select your headset then swipe down to Headset Settings

3. Tap Unlock Pattern then tap Remove Unlock Pattern

4. Enter your Oculus PIN and tap Submit.


If these steps to remove the unlock pattern do not work for you our last resort is to perform a factory reset. Those steps can be found here. 👍😊