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iPhone stopped connecting



I was able to access cast from my iPhone, but it suddenly stopped. Trying it from the phone never connects and casting from the Rifts 2 doesn’t see my iPhone.


It’s an iPhone 11pro with the latest iOS. It’s on the same network and has no problems with other devices…





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Robert,


We see you're running in to issues casting to your iPhone 11 Pro, but it was working previously. We know sharing what you're doing in VR with others is half the fun, so we're happy to help get this figured out with you.


First, let's go ahead and restart both your phone, and your headset. If you have Quest or Quest 2, this article will walk you through how to reboot. If you're using Rift or Rift S, you'll just want to restart your PC.


If you're still unable to cast to your iPhone after that, make sure you're getting a good Wi-Fi signal on both your phone and your headset. Moving closer to your router might help. Finally, restarting your router could also help resolve this issue.