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iRacing stoped working today 02.08.2017

Level 4
The CV1 does not launch anymore when the sim is launched.

Level 2
Same here.....something change this morning Oculus will not launch in iracing

Level 4
Here is a log

Level 2
here the same...Iracing work, Oculus with oculus sw work, togheter no!
This morning work no and this happen to a lot of iracers.
Please Oculus staff solve this...

Level 2
Same issue. Iracing wont recognize the headset. Instead its saying an openvr device is detected. But wont work anyway.
All oculus users have this issue now with iracing.

Level 2
Please get this sorted ASAP. I have sent a log & details of the problem. I have taken some days off to play Iracing as I will not be able later during the week.
This is through Steam, but Assetto Corsa also on Steam works fine. Iracing will still not work on SteamVR. Keeps on seeing Rift as "OpenVR". Cheers.

Level 2
Please fix this!!!!!!!!

Level 2
Same here... the update has broken something.

Level 2
I am having the same issues with Iracing. Tried reinstalling the Oculus software and running the setup again but with the same result. I got it working one time after the initial update, but the next time it was back to not switching over to VR when the game launches. My iRating dropped as a result of this as I tried to run the races on my normal screen which was a complete disaster. Please make it a priority to fix this issue.

Level 7

iRacing updated their anti cheat program.  And looks like it has screwed up Rift users.  iRacing is investigating.

See thread on iracing:

We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

We believe this to be a known issue that we are looking into and hope to have fixed very soon. There was no update recently with iRacing but there was with the EasyAntiCheat software. We are working with them to resolve this issue. 

Thank you for your patience while we are working on this issue

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