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minecraft isnt DOWNLOADING on the oculus store

Level 3

ok so PLEASE HELP! I have an oculus, I bought minecraft windows 10 edition, ive gone through like 10 tutorials on how to get minecraft pcvr and MINECRAFT ISNT IN THE OCULUS STORE!!! Do you have to BUY minecraft on the same computer????? I got it through the microsoft store and didnt download it from anything fishy. I went in the web browser to see if I could download it from there, I can see the screen except theres no download button! I have minecraft, its installed (windows 10 edition) I have my oculus quest 2 connected and nothing is there. PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!!!! IM BEGGING!!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Yikes! We definitely want you to get to experience all the cool things Minecraft in VR has to offer. Check out this Support article from Minecraft, and let us know how those steps help!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I havent tested this out yet but the shortcut works so im gonna try it. WOOHOO! You're the best!

Not a problem at all! We are here to help in any way we can. We hope you have a wonderful day and take care.