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missing developer mode on phone

I have a problem. I want to activate developer mode on my quest 2. And on the quest there is the option but with the guardion off and that but in mth eapp on my phone th whole option developer mode is missing. Can somebody help me? I did the thing with the developer account but its still missing.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, KirantheWolfsDragon! We understand you're having some issues activating developer mode on your Quest 2! Please ensure that you have the headset on your head, connected to the same Wifi as your phone, and it will pop up in your mobile app. Please let us know if this works!

It didnt work cause the option in options is just not there. It is from the top:



more Options

Info to the headset

change language



Level 2

Just had the same issue. You have to install Oculus Developer Hub on your PC and connect it to your Quest 2, at  the end of the setup it will allow you to enable developer mode. Probably this is a recent change, don't know, had the same issue with all forums saying to just create a developer account and than activate dev mode in the android app but that option is just not there (anymore).