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oculus app not working on quest

Level 2

ok so whenever the oculus app says connect your headset i plug my headset into my computer and nothing happens its just a loading circle it doesn't even show the red x error its just infinite loading any recommendations on how i can fix this?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey washer17,


We see you're running in to an issue using Quest with your PC, and we're happy to help you get past the loading screen so you can enjoy some quality PCVR time.


First, let's make sure you're using the right USB cable, as most aren't capable of transmitting data quickly enough to work with Quest. If you're not using the Oculus Link cable another high quality USB C cable, that could be the issue. You'll also want to make sure your PC meets the requirements in this article.


Second, you'll want to make sure your PC is up to date. Start with the Link driver. You can find the installable Oculus driver file at the following path: c:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers\oculus-driver.exe. You'll want to be sure you're on the latest build of Windows 10 and that your GPU is up to date as well.


If those steps didn't resolve the issue, we'll want to know the following:

  • Have you been able to successfully use Quest with this PC before?
  • Can you clarify if you have Quest or Quest 2?