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when i try to link my fb account on the moblie app it just sits there a loads forever never logs in is there a fix or a way around because my headset is just waiting to use a pairing code that i cant even get to plz help 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there Devin, thanks for reaching out. We see you are having issues with your set up and are unable to pair your headset to your mobile app. Let's get you back on track so you can finally experience the world of VR!


Firstly, please reboot your headset. To reboot the headset, hold the power button down on the device for around 30 seconds. You will be asked to shut down or reboot the device, please choose reboot.


One your device powers on again, please try the Oculus set up one more time and see if it allows you to pair your device to your phone.


Please let us know if this solution worked for you or if we need to try more advanced troubleshooting steps.

need to try more advanced steps my moblie app just loads non stop and never goes passed continue to facbook page i click that but just loads forever almost like app isnt working at all 

Hey Devin, thanks for providing that information. If the Oculus phone app is not logging in to Facebook, please try rebooting your phone and logging in, again. You may also need to try uninstalling the phone app and reinstall it on your phone to login. If the phone app is still not working, please try logging in to your Oculus account on a different device or log in on our website to confirm the Facebook login is working. Furthermore, please ensure that both the Oculus device and your mobile device are on the same online network.