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oculus go browser not working

Level 4

browser has suddenly stopped working on oculus go, no updates so its not thgat, crashes whenever you try to open vr. very annoying tried to re pair to app but app wont go past the heath and safety acknowledge button on set up and factpry reset isnt working in the go either.. have lots of paid apps so dont want to go down the delte data option as dont want to risk losing all ive paid for.

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Level 2

I have the same issue, all browsers keep crashing on me when trying to watch VR video ! Will this be patched? 

Level 4

I agree - this is so frustrating. I did a factory reset and the browser asked me to update and I hit cancel cuz I thought the update was the problem. VR would not work with the old version so I updated the browser and the same issue occurred with the page crash which was the original reason I did the factory reset. Please help.

Level 4

When Oculus stated that they'll stop supporting the Go that also means they ain't gonna fix this too.

well it appears a common & widespread issue; I imagine as such it would be easily reproducible on your end. I surmise that the lack of assistance, or attempts to address this issue are a lack of interest in addressing the concerns of your customers.

most likely outcome.....😡

Same problem. It appears that the Oculus Go will no longer work in VR. 


raised a ticket and no response

Hey there, thanks for following up on the ticket you opened and your continued patience to hear back from us! Our teams are working as hard as they can to get to everyone including yourself due to the increase in inquiries from the holidays. 

Level 3

Same issue here. Nothing fixes it. 


seems a hot topic, purportedly an issue being "looked into".... time will tell