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oculus quest 2 stuck on grey screen

Level 2
I have just today received the oculus quest 2 I ordered from amazon. the setup went fine and it booted up games I belive as it should but after plugging it into my pc to use link cable my quest 2 was stuck on a grey screen. I tried rebooting it a couple of time I tried factory resetting charging it to 100%... nothing worked. I submitted a ticket but still didn't get a response. I really hope I don't have to get a replacement or worse buy a new one.

Level 2
i have the same problem. if i find anything for a solution ill post it.

Level 3
If you have an NVidia card and a Ryzen 5 with Radeon graphics then use my instructions here:

Level 2

I resolved this issue just now, how I did it follows the device behavior, and what I tried before it worked.

Had this issue this morning with my Quest 2: Grey screen, and the only things visible in the headset were the Oculus Logo, Oculus logo progress for re-centering, and three light grey dots (indicated loading).

I tried: 1) Power cycle with Hard Button on Headset, this did not resolve the issue. 2) Android-based Oculus App Factory Reset after not being able to access Factory Reset from within the headset. This de-coupled the device from my account, but did not resolve the issue.

What worked for me: Once I was sure that the headset was powered OFF, which was a challenge overcome by multiple attempts to power down through very long (10-15 seconds) of the hard button on the headset, I pressed the power button AND Volume Minus "-" buttons from a powered down state. This brought up the in-headset OS menu, which allowed me to Factory Reset.

Note: My first successful attempt to Factory Reset, the device still slipped to grey screen when I was delayed in linking the Headset to my Oculus app, so I Factory Reset again, and performed the pairing quickly, without the headset screen powering down. It can detect when it's on your head. Now to download a bunch of my favorite apps. Best of luck everyone!

Level 2

Any solutions yet, im having the same issue, and having trouble hearing back from support!

How did this work for you? I have performed factory reset dozens of times and nothing! Did you pair to the app quickly after factory reseting??? Let me know, mines still broken, thanks!

Level 2

While it was not acknowledged by support, I think my account was part of a test for some new firmware (they wouldn't tell me even if they knew).
I came to this conclusion after purchasing a brand new Quest 2 headset, and noticed the same behavior the following day after linking it to my account.
I haven't had problems with it in the past week, so maybe they changed the firmware, or edited my account out of the "test".

Best of luck!

gave u managed to fix it if so how