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oculus rift cv1 left controller thumbstick drifts to the left in steamVR ONLY

Level 2
So basically the problem is in steamVR. This is what I've done so far:
-repaired oculus software
-reinstalled steamvr

-verified files

-deleted files for steamvr in documents and steam after uninstall

-rebooted PC
-restarted steam

-uninstalled rift sensors from device manager

-like one other thing that I don't remember tbh
This problem does not occur outside of steamVR, because I loaded up the only game that I have in the oculus home that uses a thumbstick, VRchat, and it works just fine, so the issue is INSIDE of steamVR, and the internet is pulling up nothing EXCEPT to delete the "existing calibration files" which I have NO CLUE where they are, otherwise I would do that. I can't force steamVR to recalibrate as well as I have no idea how I even did that to begin with. Thanks for the help

Level 2
So messing with the controller files deadzone seems to have helped for now but if anyone can think of a real solution that'd be great. I'm thinking it might actually be the controller itself which I think some canned air or some other canned substance will fix it up, so I will keep updating as I go

Level 2
Okay, new problem: the left controller is stuck in one direction: permanently going at 1 o clock if I move the joystick forwards or backwards

Level 3
I would try to help but i am stuck on the Oculus setup where it says Can't reach Oculus Service.

Level 2
I'm replacing the controller. Everything on google says to replace it, so here we are! lol