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oculus software dash won't start and says my graphics driver is out of date

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I am using a rift S on an x570/3rd gen ryzen platform with an rtx 2070 super. I am on windows 10 pro v1909 and have windows updates irreversably disabled for music software stability reasons, and I do not receive any updates on any software except steam unless a problem occurs. There is no microsoft store or appx deployment service. I have many firewalls and scripts that disable networking on my computer, and I take my privacy against oculus and letting them freeload on advertising data very seriously.


I had not used the headset for about two months. I just bought a new vr game today, so I disabled all networking and launched oculus software. However, it gave a red notification saying there was a problem with my graphics driver for my rtx 2070 super. The only change that may have happened over those two months is when I downloaded the latest nvidia non-dch driver so I could fix my nvidia control panel functionality. I tried using the latest dch driver (466.11) purely to see if that would fix it, but it did not. I then tried reinstalling that same graphics driver as well as the non-dch driver using display driver uninstaller in safe mode. neither of these worked. even an older driver from december 2020 did not work. I then fully uninstalled oculus software including all the advertising data and regkeys it left behind via the normal uninstaller and revo uninstaller/cleanup utility. redownloading oculus software left me with the same problem.

I have no idea how to restore functionality to my headset. I am looking for any suggestions that will work within my computer's limitations.







Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @jackson535  please submit a ticket with us and include the log files from your system so we can review them and try and determine why the Oculus software is reporting your video card as not supported. Thanks!