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oculusclient.exe disappeared

Level 3
So, i have been playing a few different thing today, both VR and non VR. Then i booted up rec room to check out the new rec royale thing, and mid load the game exited. Not only that, but the oculus client disappeared as well. Clicking my normal shortcut indicated that windows could no longer find it. Checking start menu shortcuts and its original location also indicated that the client executable was no longer there either.

Then i checked my bitdefender free version, saw several oculus/oculus game related files being quarantined in it. Removed those from quarantine (restoring the files) and added exceptions to them in the process. The oculusclient.exe was still nowhere to be seen though.

As i am writing this, i have downloaded oculus setup again and is currently doing a repair on my installation (it is in the process of downloading 5 gb).

This is just a heads up. I still don't know if the cause is bitdefender free (since the client wasn't among the things listed in the quarantine list) or something else. Regardless of which it is, it is a rather serious issue, hence this thread.

Level 3
After the 5 gb had finished downloading, the installation/repair process began. However, it just hangs on the installing part with nothing happening.

I exited the installation, turned off bitdefender, and tried again. Currently it is once again stuck on installing, seemingly nothing going on.

Just for some perspective, the oculus install is only a few days old after a clean windows 10 install on a new SSD, and has been running smoothly up until this point.

Level 3
The installation finally went through, and is currently doing an oculus software update (being the third in 2 days). It looks like it has successfully found my old app/games library at least. But i must admit i feel like i just wasted a large portion of my saturday with things that shouldn't happen.

And ofcourse i still have no idea if bitdefender or oculus is the culprit here. After all, i have previously been running both with no issues the past few months.

Level 11
Seems most likely it was a false positive by bitdefender.  Should have given you an indication of what it thought it was infected with, though?  Smaller possibility the files were actually infected.

Level 10
I can't imagine here it could be an Oculus problem. If that happened to me I will boot my machine on Safe mode or from a windows on USB stick and run an antivirus from a disk or USB stick created from another computer as my first assumption will be I have a Virus and bitdefender removed it. Saying that the second assumption is effectively a false positive from bitdefender, but it should have said what it did when it removed the executable.

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