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ordered Quest from guest account

Level 4
I ordered a quest from a guest account and did not write down the order #. I did not receive a confirmation email saying that the order was placed. How do I know it is in the queue? I did it through Paypal, but there is no indication on there either. Should I have gotten an email with the order number?


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Level 15
Well first of all you should have opened an Oculus account before pre-ordering this.  Then you would have had a way to check on it.  You are going to need an account anyway.  I do think that you should have received a confirmation E-mail though.

Edit;  from some of your posts it looks like you may already have an Oculus account.  Why did you pre-order as a guest account???  

Oculus pre-orders will not show up in your paypal account activity until Oculus actually ships it to you so you cannot tell until that time.

If I were you I would contact Oculus Support and ask them.  You will probably need to at least supply them the paypal account you used and your email address.  Good luck, and order/pre-order with an Oculus account next time, lol!
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