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problem with rift and intel usb super speed hub on windows 10 boot

Level 3
hi guys
i have a bad problem with my oculus rift and usb 3.0 ports on my msi h170 gaming m3.
any time, i power on my pc, and i see a random error on usb superspeed hub. i need to remove and reinsert the usb cable for fix it. i have try to remove all usb device, insert 2 sensor in 2.0 usb port and rift on 3.0 port...i have activated only uefi bios with xhci enabled or disabled, i have deactivated legacy usb port option, i have activate fastboot or not....i don't know whats other option i can change...
i have try to reinstall a clean oculus app, i have updated all pc drivers with driverboost...nothing...i have Always a randon usb error.

i see that any time, the oculus software, see the rift on usb 2.0....if i remove and insert again any time the cable in the same usb port, then i see again usb 3.0...

the support center, can't find any solution for me...i don't understand what's the problem? 

thanks for your support and sorry for my bad english (i'm italian)

Level 4
Hi i have the same issue the usb superspeed hub is the rift headset in device manager, i been getting that notification  most of this year, i just ignore it now as the headset works ok, i tried many things uninstall and reinstall , i reformat pc and i also have the recommended usb hub but it always does it , im guessing its a windows 10 thing.