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profile settings won't load on the website

Level 2

profile settings won't load so I can't change my oculus account name or Email 

the page is just white



Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings! We understand you're having issues changing some account information. Have no frets, we'll be happy to help!


We've recently updated the Oculus app to version 42.0.


Can you uninstall and then reinstall the Oculus app from your PC?


Let us know if this helps!

I'm using the website not the app 

Ah, we see! Thanks for that update! It does seem we had a small system issue, but looks clear now. Please exit the browser window and open a new one.


If the issue persists, try using Chrome or Firefox (if not already using) and try restarting your router. 


If the issue persists after these steps, please contact Meta Store Support here and open a ticket for further support.


All the best

Hi! I'm having the same issue using chrome. I don't think it's fixed. I also just tried on the windows browser and it doesn't work there either