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"Can't reach oculus runtime service" Again?!

Level 2
Hey guys, remember a little while we all had that annoying thing that broke our whole system well now I've got it again. 
Is this a global thing again? 

Level 2
I just picked up a rift today and installed the software and get this error. I can't even use my rift on day 1. I saw there was a patch from a couple weeks ago, that didn't help. I've uninstalled, restarted and fresh installed a few times now. Still same error, ugh. Any support guys around here to help?

Level 2
I received the same error today but found that the OVRService was stopped in task manager. I started it and was able to open Oculus just fine after that. I then ran into an issue with Malwarebytes preventing an update, so I exited out of that. Both of this combined led me to using my oculus without a problem.

(Note I had disabled the OVRService previously so this may not be relevant at all.)