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"Check Your Setup" CV1 External Camera "Searching Windows Update..."

Level 2
Hi. I cannot install the CV1. The Oculus software is stuck in a loop on "Check Your Setup". I cannot get out of this mode to check any settings or hardware statuses. I'm certain the external tracking camera is also not installed correctly.

I can also see in Device Manager CV1 External Camera a yellow triangle with the exclamation mark. When I force Uninstal I get CV1 External Camera "Searching Windows Update..." Windows is stuck trying to get the driver. It eventually fails with No driver found. But it doesn't matter as I cannot do anything else because Oculus is stuck at "Check Your Setup" page.

Where can I download the CV1 External Camera driver?

In the past I have installed a multiple DK1's, multiple DK2's, GearVR, multiple VIVE's and VIVE Pre. The CV1 so far has been a nightmare to get working. I haven't seen many others with this bug.

What causes this "Check Your Setup" software loop. How do I get out of it? There is no back button or settings button. No icon tray to back end settings. I've I'm struggling with this as a developer, how the hell are consumers going to manage?

Why can't Windows find the driver?

I have updated Win7 to the latest patches, I've downloaded the latest Fresco USB3 drivers. I've tried USB2 and USB3. I've tried to uninstall Oculus and re-install only to be greeted once again with "Check Your Setup"

Can anyone help?

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Level 3
it doesn't works at all.

Occulus setup recheck update firmware of sensor and failed...

Level 3
I think that it is related to their update of the client

Level 2
Same Problem for me.
I cannot get the sensor working. I've updated everything to the last state and even tried to run the sensors with the extension card (Innatek). Still got the issue with tracking cameras not being installed (yellow triangle in the device manager).
Please help!

My System:
ASUS Prime X370-Pro (latest BIOS and all chipset and USB drivers updated)
Ryzen 1700+
32 GB  Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 DIMM CL15-17-17-35 Dual Kit

@cyberreality: should i send you my logfiles also?

Thank you guys!

Level 2
Alright. Here is my Log File.

Level 2
Same case for me. Drivers do not install, or better, they install OK but windows do not identify. Totally stuck. One week trying to make this thing work. It is a nightmare.