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"Confirm account merge" keeps failing

Level 2

I've recently purchased a Quest 2 and am currently in the first setup process.

I created an Oculus account and am trying to merge it with my Facebook account from the Oculus mobile app, but every time I confirm, an error message pops up reading:


"Unable to connect: Sorry, there was a problem connecting your Facebook account. Please try again later."


I've also tried merging it from my computer, but yet again it throws the same error.

I'm stuck at this stage because the account merging is required in order to pair my headset with my phone. How do I resolve this issue?


Level 2

Signal boosting, having the same issue.

Level 2

Same here. I tried so many steps to troubleshoot but still nothing. Hopefully support resolves the issue soon.

Level 2

I am having the same problem as well. Both my emails match, I've never had my FB account suspended before. I've had this account since forever ago. It's extremely irritating that this has to be linked for it to sync with the app.