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"Continue with Facebook" freezes Oculus software on new install

Level 2
I just upgraded SSDs on my gaming rig and when I installed Oculus on the new install of Windows 10 (same version as the previous SSD), I can't click the "Continue with Facebook" button otherwise the Oculus app freezes for 30 seconds and then closes.

My account is a Facebook account, so now I can't even get past the first screen.

Level 2
Same. I reformatted my computer and reinstalled the software, the program just force closes. 

I'm missing all the included games as well. Not impressed at all with this. 

Edit: A temp fix is to add a password to your account, and sign in w/ your email and password. 

Level 3
Same problem. Had my Rift installed on my old pc(which didn't meet min req.), then i upgraded it for a better experience, but 'lo and behold, it freezes whenever i ask it about facebook. Even after creating a new account(which is then missing all my content), I can't get it to connect.

Means I'm missing all my bundled touch games and saves 😞

Level 16
Please submit a support ticket for assistance. Thanks.
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Level 2
Did anyone find a fix for this?

Level 4

Apparently not. 2021 and I'm having the problem