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"Invalid handle specified" when accessing SensorFusion

Level 2
I get the following error when I try to access SensorFusion functions like .IsAttachedToSensor() or .GetOrientation().GetEulerAngles<>()
First-chance exception at Project.exe: An invalid handle was specified.

I created a minimal bugging example for you (you'll need Qt5.x to try it), but it also happens in the parent project (you'll also need Coin3D for that):

The strange thing is, I posted this project in the Oculus Integrations subforum when it ran fine, so I tried the old version from github, but now I get the same error with them.

Level 2
I don't know why, but if you move the OVR::System::Init() call from OculusRenderer::initOculus() to main(), above the instantiation of OculusRenderer, it runs without errors.


Level 2
Hmm unfortunately that doesn't work for me, no matter where I put OVR::System::Init() I still get the error.

Level 3
Check for system changes, added libraries etc. If you say the old version worked fine, but now doesn't, it may be a problem with your computer. If Veelo got it to work, it may just be a conflicting library on your computer??? Can you remember changing anything? (goodluck fixing it)

And I may be wrong, but check for multiple definitions of things etc, double initializations, all that sort of stuff. And make sure your namespaces are all right!
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