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"Random" disconnects when utilizing the USB port on GPUs (2070, 2080, super, Ti)

Level 2

So I have been in discussions with people on Reddit and found that we all are having disconnects when the Quest 2 is connected through the oculus USB cable, or even third party cables, to the USB port on our GPUs. We have identified that the issue is related to the charging aspect of the Quest 2. Once the Quest 2 reaches full or near full charge we think the power delivery is cut by either the GPU or the Quest 2 itself which makes sense, but, the data transfer for some reason is also interrupted when this happens. 


We have done testing where we drain the batter very low and then connect it to the GPU USB port again and are able to get longer play sessions(maybe an hour or more) with the disconnecting eventually happening way later. When play at or near full charge we keep getting disconnects fairly quickly(less than 30 minutes). 


There are many people that have agreed with the issue being somehow related to the charging of the Quest 2 from the GPU. No solution has been found though. Is this a known issue with Oculus and will there be a fix coming in?