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Level 2

i just got my quest 2 along with the quest link hoping to play games that i already had which supported VR. This seems to not be the case as Oculus has made it very difficult to run any games you do not purchase through them I purchased Blades and sorcery though the steam store and after hours of trying to use my quest link and steam vr to run the game it would simply keep crashing but the moment i purchase it through oculus it works like a charm. I am now trying to play starwars squadrons in vr but since it is not through oculus i am having the same issue of the game not even being able to open. I would love some help on what to do to make my steam vr work without crashing, unless this is not a just me issue and oculus has intentionally made it more difficult to play games you did not buy through them.


Level 12

VR is challenging to run.  Did you even check the specs for oculus link compatibility.
The quest 2 via link has a max cap of 120hz and 2k plus per eye resolution.  Its not something even 20 series can hang with at max settings.


i have the following specs


2080 super

16 gig ram

wifi 6 router

usb 3.0 a to c cable

releatively new mother board

512 ssd


i can run pcvr @80 to 90 hz using 1.1 to 1.2 render scale, if i want run 120 i drop it to .95 or 1x

steam vr and rift titles run fine wired or wirelessly

200 fixed encoding for air link

500 fixed encoding wired