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referral code purchase negates the request a refund if you find you don't like the app

Level 2

I did a couple of referral code links for friends, and I have found that if you then go in to buy a game or app they take paymenty from the referral credit first, ordinarily this appears not to be a problem, but the last 2 apps out of the many I own I do not like and wanted to request a refund, that option does not appear for those apps, my work around in future would be to buy apps I'm unsure about from our 2nd headset and gift them to myself, which is stupid really, why does it matter how I pay for my apps?  Why would it be more advantagous for face book to take the credit first, its actually not a sensible financial decision for a business to make, most would want you to never use the credit, and keep paying by credit card.  I'd like to know why I don't have the option to decide?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, we see you got your games with store credit you have and would like a refund. We want to help. Please private message or submit a support ticket so we can see what we can do to help with this store credit error.