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rift/oculus softare freezing/crashing computer

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so I recently got my rift, and whenever my oculus software is open, it tends to completely freeze up my computer. as in, my desktop freezes and doesnt respond, my oculus freezes and shows a still image and the light sensor doesnt respond(so the screen stays on even when I take off the headset), I cant even do ctrl+alt+delete or ANYTHING, sound still plays for a few seconds but really nothing else. it doesnt seem like it resolves itself either, so far the only solution has been to cut my PC's power and hope after restarting it wont happen again.

this only happens under certain conditions however. usually it happens when:

- I start up oculus software but dont do anything else (relatively rare)
- I start another VR application while oculus software is open, in most cases this is steamVR (too fucking often)
- I have oculus software open in the background and open a fullscreen application of any type (mostly stuff like putting a youtube video in fullscreen, very reproducable)
- generally when using my browser with the oculus software running in the background (sporadically)

it is a huge issue for me since it means not only having to restart my computer multiple times whenever I start up vr but also forces me to close oculus software every time I am not using VR which is really annoying.

I have googled far and wide and have yet to see other people experience this so I decided to post it here. anyone who can help me?

my specs are:
intel xeon E3-1231 v3 (basically an i7-4770k without iGPU)
radeon r9 280
Phillips 144hz monitor connected via DVI
rift as well as both sensors are connected via usb3
oculus software is installed on an OCZ SSD under program files (not x86)
Windows 10

yes my drivers are up to date.

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I haven't heard of this before. Maybe some issue with the CPU or GPU? Can you try some stability test to see if there is an issue with any of the components? Such as Prime95 or running Unigine looping benchmarks.
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I will try to run one, I'll post the results once I'm done.

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alright, did a ton of tests and I'm pretty certain my hardware is fine. prime95 is reporting no issues after 12 hours of stress testing and both unigine and furmark run without a problem for hours. I never had any stability issues with my hardware before either.

any other ideas what could help?

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Volunteer Moderator
Could you try doing a clean install of your GPU drivers? use DDU and perhaps re-install the directX redistributables 
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Be kind to one another 🙂

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Hi mate, is there anyway you can test with a different graphics card at all ? A 1060 or 70?
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Level 3
Having the same issue actually, we might be the only two from the sound of it. I came here to see if anybody else was reporting it. The last few days I've had random freezes, although I didn't actually use my oculus in that period until yesterday, and that's when the proverbial poo hit the fan, it blue screened (IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL) during gameplay (looks kinda neat through the headset by the way), and ever since I can't even boot the Oculus app now without it freezing or BSODing after a few seconds, and the PC will still randomly freeze if I don't boot the app. Being that IRQLs are usually driver related, but could also be pretty much everything else, I hit the bricks updating all of my drivers, pulling the RAM to test that, Stress testing the GPU and CPU to test them, running a disk check, and running an SFC in powershell. No dice. About all I've got left is a bios update, which up until now I've not needed as it only patched one irrelevant bug, assume it's a very specific Mobo issue and cry, or a fresh windows install combined with some hail marys. I'm starting to think something about the rift update from a few days ago is causing this, as that's about the time the problems started. Since the rift is always running processes in the background and if I even bump the headset, it'll start the boot process for the app, that would explain the occasional crash even outside of VR. What I'm going to do tomorrow is do a clean install of the oculus software and see if that helps. I'm blown from work and all these tests, or I'd do it tonight, but if you have time now you could give that a shot and let me know.

Guess I should also list my system specs:
Cyberpower Z270 SLI Extreme mobo (it's just one of ASRock's z270 boards branded for cyberpower)
i7-7700k OC'd to like 4.4Ghz IIRC
Nvidia 1080 (MSI with 8gigs of DDR5) Evidently not OC'd anymore. (IDK when I reverted it to stock speed actually)
2x8GB sticks of some mediocre patriot ram
A generic 2TB HDD
Outputting to a 55inch 4k Samsung TV Via the 1080's Displayport, with the HDMI port being used by the rift.
Also running on windows 10

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Personally I think it's good practice to close Oculus whenever you're not using VR. The virtual desktop introduces a load onto the GPU that isn't reported by Windows  task manager. I think this is a driver/Windows shortcoming but it's there as can be seen if you're running temperature monitoring software.

Sorry, it's not answering your problem but just something to bear in mind.

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Level 3
@LZoltowski I was considering that, in that case I would probably just do a clean reinstall of windows. are there any serious issues that could be related to win10? I could switch to win7 if needed but would obviously prefer not to.

@Techy111 I wish, but I dont think I have any way of getting my hands on that at the moment...

@DaftnDirect yep sounds like a generally good idea but the biggest issue is just simply opening oculus software -> starting steamVR -> computer freezes -> restart -> start again and hope it works this time
repeating that a few times every single time I wanna do anything in VR is incredibly frustrating 

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Volunteer Moderator
Ah ok... if starting Oculus is a common cause of the issue, that's not going to help!

Intel 5820K OC@4Ghz, Titan X (Maxwell), 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4, ASRock X99 Taichi, Samsung 500Gb 960 Evo M.2, Corsair H100i v2 Cooler, Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3 card, Windows 10 Pro v20H2 (19043.1081)