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so, which one is best for laptop? rift S or Quest ( first and 2nd gen)? Rift 1st gen is fail

Level 2

this is my 2nd laptop got the trouble, same problem
HDM req the  good graphic card.
But this is problem: in my laptop,  HDMI port is look likes wired to the integrated GPU ( ADM one ), not switchable to the Nvidia one.

it can runs something, but performance is totally bad.

So Rift S or Quest 2 can make it? uses the better graphic chipset?

maybe quest 2 can make it with wireless connection?

My laptop is Asus ROG stryx scar 2021 ver, so the syst is not the problem

btw, i still use steam and play some game from patr**n site, ( u know what i mean ), so it can work freely?