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tracking problem

Level 2
I have been using my oculus for 2 days and from the second day, when I turn it on it gives me a tracking error, continuing to put it in stand-by and turn it back on I can start it and enter the menu with the tracking but also there the tracking is painful.
when I turn around a black band appears and continues to send me back.
what I do?

Level 2
Seems that a lot of people having tracking issues, myself included. No workaround that i know of.  My floor level is also no longer working, it keeps raising up and therefore it affects gaming. 

Level 4
having issue every time i wake quest 2 from sleep whether it be a 5mins break or quick 2 min break its gives me tracking lost and doesnt read controllers or something forcing to power off. i think i found if i connect it to my phone when this happens i think it bring me back or at least it did once but havnt messed with it to see if that really worked... 

i also did a factory reset losing progress in a couple of games and i cleaned cams with micro fiber cloth and my room lighting and nothing has changed. it seems like this is a common issue for a lot of people. its really sad and frustating!

It worked perfectly before. These issues only started with the stupid V25 update, its buggy as hell and is screwing alot of people over. I have the same issues. They basically shot themselves in the foot with that update. The headset doesnt work equals people stop buying games. They need to address this ASAP