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Level 2

Good evening, I can't download because it says it's insufficient space also "Oculus needed 15.3 GB" but my 4TB hard drive and my SSD remain 70GB what comes or problem.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello xXShoiZoXx, we see you're having issues downloading to your device but receiving an insufficient space error message. We understand how this can be frustrating, especially when you have an external hard drive.


Oculus picks and chooses what drive should be used, to run the device. The drive has to be in "Basic" Type and "NTFS" format.

1. Go to "Disk Management" in Windows.
2. View your drives and confirm they are in "NTFS" format and "Basic" type. (The drive is most likely in "Dynamic" and "NTFS" format.)
3. If they are not, please backup all of your files on your drive and put them in your C: drive or your external hard drive.

4. Open Computer Management. Press the Windows key and R on your keyboard simultaneously. In the run Window, type compmgmt.msc, press enter. 
5. In the console tree, click Computer Management ---> Disk Management.

6. Right-click each volume on the dynamic disk and convert to a basic disk. Then, click Delete Volume for each volume on the disk.

7. Once all volumes on the disk have been deleted, right-click the disk, and then click Convert To Basic Disk.

8  Right click the disk again, then click "Create new volume". Follow these steps.

9. After this, you may transfer all of your files back to your drive

10. Retry your download.


If you are still having issues, please feel free to reach out to our support page and submit a ticket here.


We hope this helps!