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v29 Removing sub-account when using multi-accounts, WIPES sdcard/Android/obb folder!

Level 3

I currently have endless problems getting multi-accounts to work consistently (two accounts work, one doesn't). I have noticed a major issue whereby adding a secondary account on Quest2 via settings/accounts then deleting it, completely wipes all the .obb files from sdcard/Android/obb I just checked my Quest1 which had accounts added/removed that didn't do this. My guess on some accounts not working for sharing is they are being set as regular accounts not sub-accounts, Oculus' end.

So any apps that use .obb files will no longer work without an uninstall/reinstall! It's very easy to recreate. I tested using SculptVR that has an obb file but is only 200mb in size. I'd guess maybe they're intending to just remove a link to the obbs folder but end up wiping the original files for all users?

Do Facebook test ANYTHING before release or do they think labelling things as "experimental features" for months on end obviates this need? Their whole internal operation reeks of very amateur coders with support being nothing but a timewasting/trolling operation.

I also note that the master account is on old dash, but sub-accounts are on new. What a mess!


Level 3

for me, my primary account has the new UI but my secondary account does not, and none of the apps on the primary account will share to the secondary account ("Shared" in the library is always at 0)