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weird stick drift

Level 2

my quest 2 left controller has some pretty weird stick drift to my standards, as when I push the stick to the opposite side of the drift instead of going the direction i push it it fights against the stick drift. I'm not sure how this would happen because if it was a misaligned stick pushing it the other way would make it move that direction not fight against the current drift.


(edit) repairing controllers hasn't worked 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey bobshalo! We see you're having tracking issues, which is no good, so please allow us to help with that. Here are a few things you can check for to get your controllers working correctly:


  • First check you lighting.
    • Is the play location well lit?
    • Is it possibly too bright?
    • Try a different play area/room.


  • Next, check the power.
    • Are the batteries well charged?
    • Remove batteries for a couple of minutes and re-insert them
    • Try new/different batteries
    • Reboot the headset
  • Try re-pairing the controllers:
    • For the Quest 1 & 2, using the Phone App. Click here for the instructions to pair your controllers.


  • Last resort: Factory reset (Quest Only) Click here for the instructions to factory reset your device.


If you still need help after you tried these steps, please submit a support ticket to our Oculus Support team and we will be happy to help. Use this link to submit a support ticket. Happy Gaming!