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ODH will no longer record video and displays "Loading..." forever

Level 3

ODH stopped recording video off of my Quest today, and since ODH only displays this:




I have tried restarting the Quest, my PC, and reinstalled ODH all to no avail.

The screenshot and cast still work as expected.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Level 3

A factory reset of the Quest seems to have resolved the issue, so I would guess that the problem was Quest-side.


A time-consuming resolution for sure, I hope there is a way to resolve this without factory reset if it happens again.

Level 4

Thanks, if you haven't submitted a bug report via ODH, please do so we can check the logs to aid in troubleshooting.  In the meantime, will share this with the team and see if I can get some answers for you. 

Level 3

Same issue here but no reply yet and I don't want to factory reset if 1.8.0 still works as intended: 

Level 3

Casting is now fixed in 1.9.1 but now im still experiencing the infinite Loading... for Record Video feature.



thanks this is a known issue! Team is working on a fix...

Level 2

I'm have the same infiite loading display message after recording a video.  A workaround would be very much appreciated.  I don't want to factory reset my headset.

There should be a fix in for this in the next release in the next few days!