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App Sharing / Multi User support for Unity/Quest

Level 2
Hi. I'm at the final stages of development for an Oculus Quest game and I want to be able to support the multi-user / app-sharing feature, which is think is required for App Labs but I can't find any documentation on this.  To clarify, I want to ensure that when a different user logs into the device, the game is still available but has separate settings per user.  I'm using PlayerPrefs for saving these settings.
Is there anything I need to do in order to support app-sharing or will Unity/Oculus automatically handle this? Any help or documentation links would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Level 2

Hi @space.trousers, I was also looking for the same.
Did you find any? Will it be automatically handled? 

I still don't know the answer to this. I don't have a device with Multi-User feature to test this on. I hope the Quest just switches the file system underneath the app but I can't find any documentation.