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Detecting Oculus GO controller in Unity

Level 2
Hello Oculus Forum, 
I cannot seem to detect my Oculus Go controller from any of the default example scenes. I know of Oculus's plans to "sunset the Go" by the end of this year and it seems to be slowly phased out of the integration package. However if an experienced Oculus Go developer could point me in the right direction in my setup that would great! 

As some background, I am a new Oculus developer tasted with creating an application for Oculus Go through Unity, which I have used for several years. I've setup a project in Unity 2019.4.0f1,successfully integrated the Occulus integration package from the store and updated to the latest plugins for Unity. I've done a build with the cubes scene and successfully deployed it to the headset with it tracking head movement. However when doing the Controller Models scene it couldn't detect controller movement, nor any controller input. With the Hand Test scene it detected the hand, mapping the a hand to my controller (with the wrong orientation) but still no controller input such as buttons. 

For additional setup parameters I've made sure the Oculus quest isn't targeted in any of builds or in OVRManager. There was a script I created for detecting controller input, which will send a debug message in the case one the buttons was pressed using the following code: (OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Button.One)), OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Touch.Two) . Also I've been looking at the adb logcat through Android studios and can provide the resulting files of output if needed. Under XR plug- in management has the oculus enabled, with only opengl es3.0 enabled for the auto graphics api. 

Thank you for your time,