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Editor Play, Game = black screen

Level 2
Does anyone know what the cause for the Play and black screen issue is?

This has been reported on the forum here for over a month now, with numerous SDK upgrades and fixes. Yet this problem still persists. Sometimes it can be hard to test scenes and tweak screen space effects by having to build each time, as we have no real-time DK2 feedback to test with.
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Level 2
Here's a video of my black screen

The first attempt works great, the second results in either totally black screen or flickering screen.
The black probably comes from the fade in texture, because when I changed it into something else (crosshair texture) it looked like this

Changing to DX9 works.
This is with newest Runtime, Unity integration (beta 4.3.1) and Unity 4.5.5p5. Also DK1. Intel Core i5@2.76GHz, 7850, 8Gb DDR3 RAM and 64-bit Win7

Level 2
For info the solution to my black rift problems was also to just turn off the "Use Direct3D 11" in Edit / Project Settings / Player / PC, Mac / Other Setting. As far as I know I have all the latest stuff as I only installed it 3 days ago.

I have Unity 4.5.5f1, Windows 7, Oculus SDK 0.4.3

It also seems that each time I change the "Use Direct3D 11" tick Unity crashes although when I start it again the tick changes and saves correctly.

Level 2
I can confirm that this is still an issue with Oculus 5.0.1 and latest Unity 5.0.2. I was used to the flickering (especially when resizing the game window) but now I have a project where it stays completely black unless I disable the "Use Direct3D 11*". This happens both in Win 7 and 8.

Level 2
i had the same problem but i solved it doing the following.

1 - make sure to enable the plugin OVRPlugin.dll for editor.
2- go in player settings and disable Virtual reality supported.

Make sure u are using Unity Legacy Integration V0.6.0.1-beta you can download it from