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Fallback for Oculus SDK requests

Level 2

Hi all!


So I've been implementing the Oculus SDK authentication code into my PC VR game, but it seems that when the Oculus PC client is inactive and needs to start together with the game, Users.GetLoggedInUser() does complete but Users.GetUserProof() does not complete which results in my app hanging.


Is there some kind of fallback I can use to detect if something is stuck? I know that there is a fallback where the request itself is NULL because the Core hasn't been initialized yet. However the Core already has been initialized, so the user now waits forever to let Users.GetUserProof() complete.


There is, of course, one way to resolve this and that is by using Coroutines, but that's a cheesy way to fix it and I would like to do it as neat as possible.


I'm looking forward to your responses!



- Maarten




Level 2

So I've received the following answer from Oculus Support:



If someone else knows another solution next to the co-routine, then I would love to hear from them!


EDIT (10/05/21 15:13)It seems that co-routines don't help to fix the problem. Even after a hundred times of retrying the command.


Maybe an interesting line of thought is that this issue only occurs when you start the game after the Oculus service + client is starting for the first time.