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Hand Tracking Not Working With OpenXR Backend.

Level 2


I have just upgraded to version 31.0 of the Oculus integration for unity 2020.3.0f1. It looks like hand tracking isn't working with the OpenXR backend. 
It works fine with the legacy plugin though. 

Does anyone else have the same issue? 


Level 5

I can confirm hands are not drawn. It seems hand tracking is not fully supported on the OpenXR backend for now. There is a related description in the release note.

Support for hand-tracking is currently restricted to the baseline OpenXR spec. Therefore, additional hand-tracking features such as collision capsules, hand input metadata, and runtime hand meshes are not yet supported. In addition, there is a known compatibility issue with the thumb trapezium bone (Thumb0) in the OpenXR-based OVRPlugin. We'll announce a fix when available in our release notes.
Katsuomi Kobayashi (@korinVR) at XVI Inc.

Level 3

So I'm having the same issue with V31 (SDK + OS), alongside Unity 2019.4.29f1.

Hands simply aren't detected and none of the hands sample scenes I've tried detect hands properly.
(Train demo scene or Passtrough hands).

When I switch back to the legacy backend, these demos properly detect hands, but then no longer support passthrough.