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[Hand Tracking]way to get a hand position & rotation before build?

Level 4
I use the new hand tracking feature and want to access to hands' transform before build. I tried LeftHandAnchor/RightHandAnchor to get the position and rotation, but the problem of it is it gives me the wrist position of a hand with hand tracking, while when hand tracking is off, it is the position of the center of the controller. Also, the anchor transform z+ isn't "forward", the direction an index finger faces to, but instead x+ is. Those just make it difficult to use the reference of hands transform.

There are a lot of cases you want to get the transform, such as when making sphere GameObject with its collider for OVRGrabber as a hand's child, or setting up the VRIK target etc. It should be easy. 

If I can access to hand prefab which has hand mesh, then maybe I can use it for the reference while making a project. But I didn't find one in the latest package. Please let me know if anyone finds the hand prefab, or a way to get the transform before build. Thanks.

Level 4
In the native mobil SDK in the samples folder are the fbx files for the hands. I used them to orient hand ui elements. I tried to search for the same bones or marker which are in the hand rig on runtime without success. The size of the hands is also different in the build. 

Level 4
hmm That's difficult.

Level 4
Hi Sorry for my ignorance but I am interested in trying the Hand Tracking features for Quest, for it, Could anybody advice about where I can get its SDK for developing? Thanks in advance

Level 3
Based on the documentation (, I think you can get those data from PointerPose property from OVRHand.cs.