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Hand tracking not working in editor. Any tips?

Level 4
Hi there.
I had hand tracking working in the editor a while back, using a Quest + Link Cable... but I was working on it today and it doesn't seem to be functional any more.
I am using Unity 2019.4.9f with... actually I can't work out what version of the Oculus plug-in I have. I am going to guess that it is the latest!
Has anyone else observed a similar issue? Were you able to fix it?


Level 2
I had the same issue. For me, hand tracking is not working in the editor at all while my friend who has the same version of Unity, Oculus app, Oculus integration as mine had no problem with running the sample hand interaction scene.  

It works when I build the scene as APK (which takes forever), but I couldn't get it working in the editor.