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Hand tracking right index pinch counts as button press?

Level 2
So I have a VRTK (3.3) teleporter pointer setup to work with the controller left button One press. When I setup hand tracking using the OVRHandPrefab and set the Oculus manager to Hands only for some crazy reason doing a Pinch with my right hand activates the teleporter. I cannot figure out why!! The only scripts related to hand tracking i have are on the prefab. 

And really I want to know HOW its simulating the button press / activating the teleporter so I can use pinches to simulate other button presses!

Anyone have a clue how/why this is happening?

Level 2

Hi have you figured this out? Do you have an update on this? Thanks.

Level 5

Index finger pinch on the "primary" hand generates an OVRInput.Button.One event and index finger pinch on the "secondary" hand generates a OVRInput.Button.Three event. The secondary hand also generates a OVRInput.Button.Start event when you perform a system gesture on that hand.


OVRInput.Get[Down/Up](OVRInput.Button.One, OVRInput.Controller.Hands)
OVRInput.Get[Down/Up](OVRInput.Button.Three, OVRInput.Controller.Hands)
OVRInput.Get[Down/Up](OVRInput.Button.Start, OVRInput.Controller.Hands) // System gesture on secondary hand

VRTK must be reading these values somewhere. You can swap which hand is "primary" in the device settings hand tracking options. "Primary" hand is the one with the Oculus icon when you perform a system gesture.


Thanks so much. I'll try this out.