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Huge PERFORMANCE BUG in Unity Oculus Integration 1.35

Level 2

Think I found a huge performance problem. The TouchController.cs seems to be subscribing to the OVRManagers actions on every frame. This causes HUGE GC and CPU spikes in the profiler. I am using the latest Unity Oculus Integration 1.35 from the Unity Asset Store.

Basically it is calling the lines...
OVRManager.InputFocusAcquired += OnInputFocusAcquired; 
OVRManager.InputFocusLost += OnInputFocusLost;

...every frame in the Update() which really adds up after a while!

I moved it to Start() and the problems were gone. Hope this is helpful 😉



Level 2
I am using the latest Oculus Integration 1.43 and they still have that same bug... On the Quest, this bug takes 44% of the CPU, I was wondering how I was going to fit a normal game behaviour in so little CPU time left until I profiled and and realized this is a Oculus bug on their sample code.

Level 3
SO... this is still in here, and it's April. 

Holy crap. 

Level 2
Hey guys. I moved the two lines into void Start() But I still seem to have terrible performance. Is there any other catch or a different script that needs to be fixed?

Edit: I am using version 1.47 btw

Level 3
I just built my project for the Quest with the latest update and holy hell is there a huge performance drop. I'm scratching my head as to what to do.