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Objects/Hands Jitter and Stutter in Unity

Level 2
Unity 2019.3.0f6, Rift S, using the latest Oculus XR Plugin, OVRCameraRig prefab.

I am experiencing jitters with any kind of game object in unity. This happens not only with moving objects like my hands but even with still objects when I move my head around.

At first I thought something was wrong with my hand tracking or scripts and indeed there are many users online that seem to suffer from grab/hand jitter problems in unity as well. So I played around with my FixedTime settings and tried many different numbers - to no avail.

Then I noticed that not just my hands, but literally any object close enough to the CameraRig actually stutters. If I place a small cube in front of me and move my head from left to right or up and down it will jitter as well. 

My frame rate is always sufficiently high (120+ fps) and if I place animated objects into the scene they play out smooth and without problems.

I also tried tweaking the quality settings and playing around with VSync and co, but nothing seems to improve the problem. (The only very strange thing I noticed: If I put the FixedTime to something absurd like 1, hand tracking and objects actually become smoother but still have an occasional hickup every 300ms or so. If I turn the FixedTime back to some small number like 1/80 I get a more consistent but very jittery hand and object movement.)

Is this some kind of hardware bottleneck problem? I don't understand why this would be happening even when I place just a single cube into the scene. As soon as I quit the scene and get placed back into Oculus Home, everything is silky smooth again.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Level 2
Edit: I tried building and then running the scenes a couple more times and it does seem to run smoother when playing the built version. Still occasional stutter/spikes and not as smooth as Oculus Home. Playing the scene in the Unity editor is still absolutely terrible though. If anyone has any ideas how to get the editor to run smoother please don't hesitate to share.

Level 3
I think 2019.3.0f6 isn't fully baked yet. I have similar issues when I use that version. I'd love to know what version of Unity to use right now for production builds. I haven't seen anything on that.

Level 7
When you added to the OVRCameraRig, did you remove the default camera?

Level 2
@JeffNik Yes of course!
@""kenneth.lemieux.1" Let's hope its just that...But thanks for the comment, I'll try out some older versions in the next couple days and see if that fixes anything.