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Oculus Home launching on Steam builds

Level 3
I'm having a problem with builds that use OpenVR running through Steam where Oculus Home launches and the game appears on the desktop screen but not in headset.  Other games manage not to cause Oculus Home to launch when running on a Rift/Rift-S, but for some reason mine always does.  I've tried going so far as to remove Oculus from the supported APIs list prior to making a build, as well as removing all Oculus .DLLs (except the spatializer) from the Plugins folder of the built player.  But there's obviously something I'm still missing.  Can anyone help shed light on what might be happening?  As another clue, when this happens, the Oculus dashboard usually shows this "white mountain" looking icon, and if I tap it in headset, then it will actually switch over to Steam VR and start working.  But most users don't know to do this, and other games manage to work on Steam VR without this happening.  I've attached a screenshot of the dashboard icon in question.78hrq430larv.jpeg