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Oculus Integration in Unity hands not rendering 2020.3.17f1

Level 2

Hello, im trying to get the hands to show up in unity 2020.3.17f1 using the hand train interaction sample, but hands wont render. Ive tried all the basic steps like switching to controllers+hands or just hands only. I have app ids added in platform and avatar panels. Followed through all other settings from the oculus getting started in unity. Hand interaction is enabled inside the headset and working. It works like a charm on 2019.4.23f1 but cannot get it to work in 2020.3.17f1. Anybody any pointers? Thanks much appreciate!


Same problem. Hand's wont show up when exported to quest 2 

Level 2

+1 - same problem. Mine doesn't work on the Unity 2019.4.30 either. 😞 Anyone find any solutions?