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Oculus Not Appearing Under "Run Device" in Build Settings

Level 2
I'm on step 9 of trying to use Oculus in Unity development. The oculus is supposed to appear under Run Devices but its not there. Yes my device is in developer mode already. I am using a USB3 cable. I have allowed debugging and allowed the computer to access files on my Oculus. WHat should I do ?


Level 2
My developer dashboard says : UNABLE TO CONNECT, this may be because of an old ADB. Terminate processes on TCP 5037 then try again

I don't know what that means

Level 2
> Terminate processes on TCP 5037 then try again. I don't know what that means

If you're running linux, you can find out what is running on port 5037 with:

lsof -i:5037

Once you find out the process id (PID) using the above command, you can kill that process with:

kill 1234

assuming 1234 is the PID