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Oculus Spatializer ONSP propagation geometry assetbundle compatibility

Level 3

Hello Oculus,

My project uses assetbundles to allow users to create custom maps. When they package a map, they mark a scene with an asset bundle label, and all of the referenced files within the scene are automatically added to the asset bundle. the only issue is that with the way audio geometry is saved in oculus spacializer, this data is not included. Is there a way to keep "file enabled" ticked without losing the reverb when loading the scene from an assetbundle on a different project?



Level 4

Same, I would like to have this feature - ability to serialize geometry data into asset that can be packed into AssetBundle instead of files in StreamingAssets folder.
As a workaround for now you can ask users to create non static geometry copy just for audio and attach ONSP scripts to these objects. They should delete/disable MeshRenderers and other components on these objects. Only MeshFilter required for Oculus Propagation to work.

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I actually hacked it to make it work out of the box with no extra workarounds from the end user with a simple workaround. I can share my solution with you if you are interested in it. add my discord - milk_drinker01#5765. (now, just cause i say its an easy fix doesnt mean that oculus shouldnt have support for it out of the box)