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Oculus platform is not working on unity editor on a Mac

Level 2


As the title says, I am developing with a quest 2 on a Mac OS using Unity. I would like to test the workflow on the computer screen instead of the headset. It seems I am not able to get the user info for example or make the sdk to work. Does that mean unity editor is not being supported from oculus Platform SDK?


Level 3

exactly. you can write code on the mac and compile it to the headset but you cannot use the quest via link cable and test your game on the fly. in the new XR SDK by unity is a HMD simulator...maybe that helps. i have not used the simulator as I work with only with PCs in VR.

Any idea why that is? Is this a unity issue or an oculus issue? I also have a mac and  thought it was just because my mac is old and I don't have USB 3 or USB C. Anybody know if this will change in the future?

Well, Macs were just too slow back in the day. With the new MX architecture this will probably change…

I don't think that is the case at all. Macs have been using Intel silicon for over ten years now, same as PC's. Power has never been an issue.

It’s not about the CPUs. The GPUs are the issue unfortunately.

Still don't think that is the case. The GPU on a mac pro is plenty powerful to do anything it would need.  It sounds much more likely to be a driver related issue or something with the OS that makes it more difficult or not worth implementing. I'm fairly confident you could run windows in bootcamp and use it just fine.

Yes and no. iMac Pro and Mac Pro are not really consumer products. Heck even Steam VR worked on those machines for a while. It also got abandoned.


Right now it's just not worth it to write drivers for Macs that cost 4000$ upwards no matter if they are actually technically capable of driving VR or not. 


Don't get me wrong! I am a Mac Head since '87 and would really like to be able to use the stuff on Mac OS. But I doubt it will be coming to Intel Macs anymore. Maybe this will change with the new architectures Apple is working on. 


This is what Palmer Lucky said back in the day:

I understand what you are saying but playing games and developing games are 2 different things.

I completely agree with you and the article that Macs are not for gaming or making console games etc although most mobile developer game developers (mobile only) are using Mac for development. To clarify not by choice but cause in order to export/publish to iOS device you need to have a Mac. 

So oculus by not releasing the development kit for Mac automatically keeps away a lot of studios that they potentially would have made games for oculus quest 2.

To answer my initial question, I sorted my issue by borrowing a windows laptop from my brother in order to test initial workflow, database communication etc and I use the Mac for development and direct VR testing, not the ideal but what we can do...