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Oculus v32 update crashes a previously working app?

Level 2

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


We are a group of indie developers working on a new VR application. The prototype app ran without issues prior to the v32 update, had been tested on multiple headsets many times and was never observed crashing. After the v32 update, it crashes consistently and with little warning.


The application was built using an LTS version of Unity from 2021 targeting the Android platform using a split binary build (.apk and .obb expansion files), with the project settings configured according to the guides here ( and here (


All builds of the application continue to run without issues on a headset that has not been updated to v32.


Anyone on here experienced something similar/can shed any light on what's happening?


Level 4

Sorry, no answers here but I can confirm that I've found v32 to have made my Quest a lot more unstable. I'm currently focusing on PC VR development and have found Link to regularly fail to a black screen, which never previously happened for me. I'm needing many more HMD reboots, and even in native standalone mode the Quest seems to regularly glitch in one way or another. The Oculus Developer Hub also no longer wants to connect.
The many updates which have come thick and fast since the release of versions 1 and 2 were certainly welcome, but it does seem that Facebook are now overstretching the capabilities of this device and possibly over-engineering the operating system. Just my two pennies....

Level 2

Thanks for the reply. I'm inclined to agree with your comment on over-engineering the OS - what we observe before the app crashes is consistent with a memory issue, and we know it isn't on our end because the app runs fine on v31. Frustrating to be so in the dark when developing for a new platform. I reached out to Oculus to see if they could diagnose and was told they don't provide direct developer support.