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PlayerController floating

Level 4
Hi, I think this is a recent issue - having updated to the latest Oculus Integration package. Typically I dig into the examples and extract the PlayerController from the Locomotion SampleFramework. Thank you for having this! Helps me immensely to quickly drop a player controller into a new scene for simple exploration of a space.

My issue recently is that either the teleportation or the player character doesn't make contact with the surface I'm teleporting onto. It seems to also happen within the example scene. My guess is there's an issue with 'Character Camera Constraint' script, attached to the PlayerController. Height Offset/ Minimum Height/ Maximum Height.

Anyone else experienced this and know of a solution?

Level 4
After 2 days of struggling - and looking at previous setups - I believe the issue is the OVRCameraRig's position in relation to the PlayerController. Dropped the CameraRig -1 in Y space seems to solve the floating.

If anyone else tries to go into the Oculus locomotion sample framework to use the PlayerController, this might help you.