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Quest hand tracking should set tags and layers on all instantiated children to the parents'

Level 8
When using hand tracking on the Quest, it instantiates various objects, such as capsule colliders. When doing so, the SDK should really set the tag and layer of all these objects to match the object instantiating them, I just lost a lot of time because of just this, and didn't figure it out until I setup Oculus Link so I could debug in the Unity Editor and see exactly what was being spawned in the hierarchy. The easiest method of detecting if someone is touching something is to have a script on that object looking for collisions from the hand, but by default all it can tell is it's colliding with an Untagged thing in the Default layer, so best you can really do for now is check for the name starting with Hand_ or check the parent of the parent of the collider, neither of which are great solutions.