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Recording sound from mic during Oculus LipSync.

Level 3

I use Oculus LipSync in my application for Quest and Rift. Articulation works fine. I can record facial blendshapes with my code and then playback the recorded articulations via C# code later. Now I am trying to record the speech while Oculus asset performs lipsync. But I cannot get the sound from microphone because OVRLipSyncMicInput.cs starts capturing sound from microphone into temporary audioclip with 1-second duration, therefore my recording from microphone conflicts with Oculus code.


How can I record the sound during Oculus lipsync to play it later simultaneously with recorded lipsync?


I use Unity 2019.4.25f1, Oculus Integration 28.0.


Level 3

I have found the solution. I created OculusLipSyncMicInput.cs - my own version of OVRLipSyncMicInput.cs that permits me to record the sound.

Level 2

Hi, I am interested in what you ended up doing. Can you share?